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Temple University has a rich history of providing educational opportunities for everyone, and for giving back to the neighboring Philadelphia community that it calls home.

Temple’s founder and first president, Russell Conwell, officially chartered Temple College on May 14, 1888, with the intention of providing access to education to all individuals.  Russell Conwell valued the local community that surrounded Temple College, a sentiment that was evident in one of his most famous speeches, “Acres of Diamonds”.  Our founder believed that there was a great deal to be valued right in the University's backyard and that members of the Temple community should engage not only in their education but also in giving back and being good neighbors.

The Good Neighbor Initiative seeks to continue the mission of Temple University’s founding principles by encouraging Temple University students to intentionally engage in efforts to build connections and relationships with the residential community, not only enhancing the local community, but also allowing for student growth and development.  Students are encouraged to engage in out-of-classroom learning through community engagement.  This initiative also encourages responsible decision making within the living environment, paying particular attention to developing relationships with neighbors, as well as recognizing the disruptive nature of excessive noise, alcohol consumption, trash, and student conduct issues within the neighborhood.  It is the University’s hope that students integrate into the rich fabric of this diverse community and make a positive contribution to the North Philadelphia neighborhood.