Local Area

The Temple-area neighborhoods have a great deal of offerings for the surrounding area. From schools to community gardens, to murals, there are great sites to see and ways to engage with the local area.

Wagner Free Institute of Science - A natural history museum located near Temple University. It was founded in 1855 by William Wagner, a notable merchant, philanthropist, and gentleman scientist of the time, who sought to offer free educational courses to all who would seek to learn about the natural world.

The Church of the Advocate - Visit the historic church and view the wall murals which serve as the "stations" of the Civil Rights Movement

The Cecil B. Moore Library -  While visiting the library, you might notice the mural in the children's room, "Let Beauty Fill Their Eyes." It was painted by David Lawrence and portrait artist Rhasaan Fort in 2000. The mosaic in the vestibule, "Integration of Science and Art," was completed in 1963 by Edna Andrade. The library was renovated in 1996 as part of the "Changing Lives" campaign, which refurbished branches and brought Web access to every library.

Philadelphia Urban Creators - The Philadelphia Urban Creators (PUC) are a group of young people who are building relationships with Philadelphia communities in order to develop our neighborhoods sustainably, and equitably, from the ground up.

New Freedom Theater -  Rooted in the African American tradition, New Freedom Theatre is an institution dedicated to achieving artistic excellence in professional theatre and performing arts training for the enrichment of the community.