Neighborhood Values

Our neighborhood values are a reflection of our values as members of the Temple University community.  Temple Student Government has adopted a unity statement that reflects the values of the diverse Temple community, by which all students are expected to abide.


“As Temple Owls, we respect all members of our university and local community regardless of: race, ethnicity, sex, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, socioeconomic status, veteran status, political affiliation, or (dis)ability.  By providing a wealth of life experience, this diversity is our greatest strength.This diversity serves as an avenue to engage in educational discourse.  Based on this premise we welcome those who are different from us to challenge and expand our worldview.  As an establishment founded on scholastic pursuits, we recognize that there is no place for ignorance or violence on our campus.  We strive to understand all cultures and experiences as well as empower our peers to unite into a cohesive student body that aims to break down socially constructed barriers in order to learn together, grow together, and fly together.”