Be a Good Neighboor


The Ongoing relationship between the neighborhood and University is an interdependency that enriches the lives of all members of our Philadelphia Community. Off-campus students play an important role in the development of a positive relationship between the university and the community. The residents of the neighborhood have but a simple request of our students: Be Good Neighbors.

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Once you’ve finished unpacking, be sure to personally introduce yourself to your neighbor. If you feel comfortable, exchange phone numbers with your neighbor so you can contact each other if there are concerns.
  • CONSIDER YOUR NEIGHBORS’ LIFESTYLE. Get to know your neighbors-what do they do for a living, what their schedules might be like, etc. Sometimes, you can remedy problems before they even start; for example, if they work nights, quiet mornings will be important to them. If they have young children, quiet evenings will be very important to them. Similarly, give them information that will help them be more considerate of your lifestyle.
  • SHOW RESPECT. Many of the neighbors have owned their homes for several decades and have a great investment in the community.
  • OFFER A HELPING HAND. Shovel snow, offer to carry your neighbors’ groceries, or get involved in the block or community association.
  • KEEP UP THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR PROPERTY. Keep your property clean and clear of debris. Help keep the neighborhood clean by participating in clean ups.
  • ALERT YOUR NEIGHBOR TO PARTIES. If you’re planning a party, be sure to give your neighbors plenty of warning letting them know when its’ going to start and how long you expect it to last. Leave them a telephone number to contact you if they need to ask you to turn the music down.
  • BE AWARE OF SHARED WALLS. If you’re in a row home or any structure where you and your neighbors share adjacent living spaces, consider your noise levels. Consider moving TVs and speakers away from the partition walls.